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Contrast: Let’s compare George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s 4th of July posts

Contrast: Let's compare George W. Bush's and Barack Obama's 4th of July posts
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On Obama’s Facebook page the only post he made today was telling people to enjoy the fireworks.  Not much substance whatsoever.Fullscreen capture 742014 102214 PM.bmp

On his Twitter account, there is a picture and quote of Barack Obama, which is par for the course.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Barack wasn’t around when our country was founded.  Try using a quote from the Founding Fathers next time.Fullscreen capture 742014 102313 PM.bmp

And then we have George W. Bush.  He doesn’t mention anything about himself, but thanks the troops for their sacrifice and bravery to defend this Republic.

Fullscreen capture 742014 102437 PM.bmp

It’s pretty clear what the American people appreciate more.  George W. Bush’s post has nearly twice as many likes as Obama.  It’s even more amazing when you think about how Obama has 41.5 million likes on Facebook, and George W. Bush has 3.5 million likes. That speaks volumes.

Also, get a load of what Obama’s page posted yesterday, it’s redonkulous.

Fullscreen capture 742014 103027 PM.bmp

Hobby Lobby isn’t making decisions about anyone’s health care. They are just saying they won’t pay for 4 out of 20 types of morning after pills that they believe are abortion.  Their employee’s can still use the money Hobby Lobby pays them to purchase those products if they choose. It’s pretty scary when the most powerful person in the world is posting things that they know must be blatant lies.

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