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Don’t You Dare Hug Me! Watch Hillary Practice Dodging a Hug from ‘President Trump’…

Don't You Dare Hug Me! Watch Hillary Practice Dodging a Hug from 'President Trump'...
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Have you wondered why Hillary Clinton, who had all the power of the Democratic party behind her, who even had the DNC favor her over her competitor, failed to present a coherent campaign?

This little window into the Clinton campaign that may tell you why.

Here what they were doing in their ‘debate prep’ during the campaign.

From Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton’s former senior advisor Philippe Reines on Friday tweeted out a video of the former first lady practicing how to avoid hugging President Donald Trump during debate prep in late September, 2016.

Reines tweeted a video of his “favorite moment from debate prep,” featuring Hillary Clinton and a Trump stand-in. Clinton was practicing her technique of greeting her opponent before a debate.

“Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice,” Reines tweeted.

Not sure what the advisors think the video shows, but it makes her look a little silly.

This is what she was thinking about during preparation for debate when she’s supposed to be telling us why we should vote for her over Donald Trump?

Once again, it shows the attention to perception rather than actual substance, because apparently she thought hugging Trump wouldn’t look good.

But what looked worse was her failure to convey any coherent message that the public could buy to want to elect her apart from “Vote for me, it’s my turn.”

Added to that the hefty bag of Clinton scandal.

Meanwhile the man she didn’t want to hug had a force of people embracing the ideas he was putting out, who had already put him past other very credible Republican candidates.

It wasn’t Comey, it wasn’t the Russians, and it wasn’t that they didn’t know her.

It was the failure of a coherent message that this video just re-emphasizes.

And voters knew her very well. That’s why they didn’t vote for her…

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