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“Empire” actress says her son was “racially profiled” – Police release footage telling VERY different story

"Empire" actress says her son was "racially profiled" – Police release footage telling VERY different story
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Taraji P. Henson is a star on the popular TV show Empire, an Academy Award- and Emmy-nominated actress, and also a liar. She told Uptown Magazine that her son was racially profiled by the Glendale Police.  She also claimed that police searched his car illegally, another egregious lie.

Fortunately, we have video evidence. A dashcam video was released by the L.A. Times and not only did it not show the cop behaving as described, but it clearly shows the officer go out of his way to be polite and kind to a 20-year old Marcel Johnson, who had committed multiple infractions.

The footage from Oct. 18 shows the officer driving in traffic about 10:10 p.m. in Glendale when the actress’ son, who is in a Honda Civic ahead of him, drives through a lighted crosswalk as a person walks across. His race was not apparent in the video as he was driving.

The cop smells mariijuana smoke and he respectfully asks Johnson if he has anything illegal. Johnson admits it because denying it at that point is just plain stupid.

He told the officer he has a state-issued medical marijuana license but couldn’t find it.

“I appreciate you being honest with me about the weed. I do appreciate that because I do smell weed,” the officer said.

Reports are Johnson has no medicinal license. He also tells police that he has Ritalin but without a prescription as it belongs to a friend, which is, of course, illegal.

“You know you’re not supposed to have that, right?” the officer told him.

He then consented and allowed the officer to search his car. At that point, the officer was joined by two other officers and a police cadet.

The video clearly shows Taraji’s claims were completely false. Her son was not racially profiled, and his car was not searched illegally.  Cops found the pot (infraction), hashish oil (another infraction) and drug paraphernalia. Natuarlly, the evil racist cop did what only an evil racist cop would do. HE CUTS THE KID SOME SLACK!

The officer decided not to cite him for the original infraction because it would have a lasting effect on his driving record. Instead, he cited the young man for possessing marijuana.

“I am not going to give you a citation for running that yellow because that would actually put a moving violation on your driving license, and you are going to have to go to traffic school and all that stuff, so I am helping you by not giving you a violation on it. All I am going to do is take the weed from you,” he said.

“It felt like this was a little better than the other one,” he said. “I am giving this to you too because you smoked weed about two hours ago… and a warning if you have Ritalin on you and you’re not supposed to, don’t do it. That’s a big violation and I wouldn’t want to do that to you.”

As Top Right News says, “Here’s the damning video of the nicest “racist” cop you’ll ever see…”

Now that she is busted she is trying to offer up an apology, but it’s too little too late I think. The damage is already done. 95% of people who were outraged at the “racist” incident will probably never see or hear about the apology and will continue to walk around thinking cops are racist and out to get black people. Calling someone a racist is such a serious accusation, you would like to think you would have very serious proof before saying something like that, but since when have liberals needed proof for anything?

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