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George Clooney Says There Won’t be a President Trump

George Clooney Says There Won't be a President Trump
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Taking political advice from an actor is like taking medical advice from a potato.

But time and time again, actors prove they are convinced that they have moral authority over the rest of us because of their fame.

George “Nostradamus” Clooney wants Americans to know that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump will not be be elected to the White House in November.

From Breitbart:

Speaking to reporters at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Hollywood A-lister George Clooney predicted that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will never be elected President of the United States.

“There’s not going to be a President Donald Trump,” a confident Clooney said Thursday at a Cannes Film Festival press junket for his latest film Money Monster.

“That’s not going to happen,” Clooney added to applause from the room full of journalists.

The 55-year-old star said voters in America won’t let “fear” force them to support Trump’s White House bid.

“Fear is not going to be something that drives our country,” Clooney said. “We’re not going to be scared of Muslims or immigrants or women. We’re not actually afraid of anything. We’re not going to use fear. So that’s not going to be an issue.”

Just another Hollywood moonbat who demonstrates his ignorance about politics right before a movie release.

Movie producers should have their actors sign a contract that states, ‘if you bloviate about politics before a movie release you will be fined 5 million dollars.’

When actors openly display their political views they automatically lose 1/2 of their support.

Box office analysts predict Clooney’s upcoming film Money Monster will have a disappointing opening at the North American box office this weekend.

George and wife Amal have both publicly slammed Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim travel to America and his plan to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Maybe the public would be more receptive to his movies if he kept his mouth shut about politics?

Tread carefully, Hollywood elitists. Your fans made you and they can just as easily break you. If people refuse to see your movies, your films bomb at the box office.

It can happen just like that!

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