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Here are the Six Most Under-Reported Stories of 2016

Here are the Six Most Under-Reported Stories of 2016
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The 2016 presidential election was unlike any other in modern times.

Most people probably figured Hillary Clinton would wind up as the Democrat nominee back in 2012 – or even as far back as 2008 – but nobody could’ve envisioned Donald Trump doing what he did.

While we all know how things turned out on November 8th, some of us may have forgotten these key stories from the exciting race.

Here are the six most under-reported narratives from the past year…

From Conservative Treehouse:

The number of grassroots voters who donated to the Donald Trump campaign. After a decade of the republican party surviving only from the mega-donors and bundlers, the era of the small donor returned. Donald Trump gained the largest ever group of small donors to contribute to the presidential campaign of any republican ever. It’s also stunning how this fact was seemingly overlooked by all those talking heads who said he didn’t have a chance. This under reported story was also the largest reason why Reince Priebus defended Trump from the professional dopes within the party he chairs.

The inability of multi-million republican Super-PAC’s to defeat the grass roots voters. That’s a major under reported story, also connected to #9: the size of the Trump coalition. Browsing through the Super-PAC expenditure and FEC reports all year it was stunning to see how many hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on negative advertising “against Donald Trump” by the donors to the GOPe professional political class. If anyone ever took the time to total up all that Super-PAC money it would well exceed the amount wasted by the Hillary Clinton campaign, by a significant margin; a VERY significant margin.

The failure of the false prosecutions. The media have never taken a full accounting of how the insufferable false narratives spurred by anti-police, and anti-law-and-order social justice movements have collapsed when faced with sunlight of actual evidence. The attempts to prosecute the transparently innocent began with Zimmerman (’12), continued with Darren Wilson (Ferguson ’14) and culminated with the Baltimore Six trials (’16). In each example the fraud within the prosecution could not withstand the sunlight of the actual legal system. Think about how many millions were spent on investigations and cases that were constructed entirely by fraud and deceit, and simultaneously promoted by the ideological broadcasts of the media. Stunningly under reported.

The final defeat of the Bush Clinton legacies. Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, and Bush. That’s 20 years of presidential valuation wiped out by the overwhelming support evidenced by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The larger American electorate simply had enough of self-appointed political dynasty building and the final rebuke of Hillary Clinton was the end of an era. There’s been little media attention paid to this aspect of current political reality, but the influence of the Bush and Clinton families is finally over.

The disappearing women – Trump accusers. Isn’t it interesting how the manufactured and promoted claims of dozens of women simply disappear once their usefulness is exhausted. Where’s the media follow-up stories on what, who, why and where are they now? It’s as if the entire media apparatus knew from the outset the story only held value in the short-term goal of taking down candidate Donald Trump. Now, they simply just disappear as quickly as they originally surfaced. Yet somehow, at some later date, those same media voices will be back on TV promoting the next target of Gloria Allred inc.

The New Economy. In my opinion the inability of media, business media, economic or financial forecasters to understand the concept of the new Trump “America-first” economy is not only the least reported story in 2016, but will also be the biggest under-reported story of 2017 and beyond.

What did ever happen to President-elect Trump’s sexual ‘accusers?’ It’s like they just disappeared.

How come we haven’t heard more about ‘grassroots contributions’ to Trump’s campaign? Isn’t that sort of, you know…YUGE!?!

It’s not a mystery, folks.

The mainstream media was all in for Clinton, and they’ll continue to bury positive stories about our 45th president as long as he remains in office.

It’s up to all of us to keep the MSM accountable.

Can you think of an under-reported or ignored story from the past year? Let us know in the comment section…

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