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Here Is Where All Five Living Presidents Stand On Donald Trump

Here Is Where All Five Living Presidents Stand On Donald Trump
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Donald Trump is running for president as an outsider with no political experience which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing is that people trust you a little bit more than a career politician but you also run the risk that you show up on Day 1 and have no idea what you are doing.

There are currently five former presidents alive today and they have all weighed in on Trump one way or the other.

They all basically agree they don’t support Trump although a couple have said nice things in the past.

Here is what Bill Clinton had to say during a Daily Show appearance.

From IJ Review:

“He has been, believe it or not, uncommonly nice to Hillary and me. He thought Hillary was a good senator for New York after 9/11 and he has actually, he’s one of the many Republicans who supported our foundation before they got the memo.”

And don’t forget that Hillary and Bill attended Trump’s wedding.  It’s kinda hard to believe they all hate each other now but I guess times change.

George W. Bush and his father George H.W. Bush endorsed Jeb Bush and have chosen to stay out of the race.

That’s a move you can’t really argue with and Trump definitely made it a little difficult for George W. to endorse him.

Here is what Jimmy Carter had to say.

From IJ Review:

When Ted Cruz was still running, President Carter predicted Clinton would win the presidency, but added:

“I think I would choose Trump, which may surprise some of you … The reason is, Trump has proven already he’s completely malleable.”

However, the Georgia Democrat appears to be taking the GOP candidate more seriously, and created a coalition to “heal the racial divide” in the country he said has been worsened by Trump:

“[Donald Trump has] tapped a waiting reservoir there of inherent racism … I think there’s a heavy reaction among some of the racially conscious Republicans against an African-American being president.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement but what do you expect from a liberal like him and it’s also not like he knows anything about being a good president.

And of course we all know where President Obama stands.

He thinks America is already great and there is no need to change it.

From IJ Review:

“I’m here to say there’s nothing particularly patriotic or American about talking down America, especially when we stand as one of the few sources of economic strength in the world … America is great right now. America is winning right now.”

President Obama obviously isn’t anyone Trump should take advice from but it is interesting that none of the people who know first hand about how hard the job is have come out and supported Trump.

It looks like the only chance Trump has at an endorsement would be down the road from the Bush family but that doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen.

One thing is for sure, Trump is going to be unlike any president we have ever seen.

Ultimately, that could be a good thing.

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