Intel Officials Scoff At Media Hype Of Info That Trump Shared With Russians…

Intel Officials Scoff At Media Hype Of Info That Trump Shared With Russians...
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Liberals have been in such a frenzy over President Donald Trump and his alleged conversations between the Russians.

But now, people in the intelligence community are trying to correct the overhyped hysteria out there and shine a little light onto the subject.

From Washington Times:

Some of America’s top intelligence officials are expressing frustration at the wave of media hysteria that has greeted reports that President Trump may have shared sensitive intelligence with top Russian diplomats last week, with some saying a handful of news organizations are guilty of hyping what amounts to a non story.

Critics of the story, which has consumed official Washington, say Mr. Trump was within his rights as commander in chief to share classified intelligence as he sees fit. They also say the criticism overlooks how President Obama and his top aides shared intelligence with Russia in the fight against the Islamic State group and faced several crises of their own with damaging intelligence leaks.

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“People are making way too big a deal of this,” said one senior U.S. intelligence official, according to the Washington Times.

“First of all, it was the Obama administration that started the policy of intelligence-sharing with the Russians about the specific problem of ISIS in Syria, and there was no secret that such sharing was going on,” said the official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity. “Second, the president can say whatever he wants because he’s the president — assuming he said something sensitive, that’s entirely up to his judgment.”

Another official noted that the media overhype was particularly hypocritical, given the lack of attention they paid to Obama administration intelligence leaks.

The most prominent incident was in May 2014, when the Obama administration inadvertently outed the CIA station chief in Afghanistan by including the operative’s name in a media pool report circulated to hundreds of reporters, including many from foreign news outlets. The incident triggered headlines across the U.S. media and derailed the career of a key American spy, but resulted in no firings or subsequent disciplinary actions.

Another high-profile gaffe involved a Hollywood movie about the secret raid that killed al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden in 2011. The agency’s director at the time, Leon E. Panetta, discussed top-secret information about the raid to a group of Hollywood executives and filmmakers gathered for a ceremony in June that year at CIA headquarters.

Panetta actually revealed the Navy SEAL unit who did the raid and “identified [its] ground commander by name.”

There was also the leak about the cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by Marine General James Cartwright who was Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It’s also hypocritical because the official/s behind the leak, while accusing Trump of doing something he legally could do, were themselves breaking the law and spreading the information more than Trump is accused of having done. Then the media took it and spread it even more, NY Times even named the ally from whom the classified information supposedly came.

If you actually care about classified information, your first thought is not to run to the Washington Post or the NY Times. Doing that shows the purpose is to undermine Trump.

If the Democrats are searching for the impeachable offense, this isn’t it. You actually have to have a high crime or misdemeanor.

And all you have here is air…

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