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Kansas welfare recipients just got some VERY bad news

Kansas welfare recipients just got some VERY bad news
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Our bloated welfare system–which consists of many individuals who are fully capable of working, but lack any notion of personal responsibility and ambition–is a total drain on our economy.

Many states are looking for ways to crack down on fraud as a means of reducing the burden on tax payers caused by entitlement programs, employing measures like mandatory drug testing, requiring a certain number of hours of work per week, and banning junk food from being purchased with food stamps.

Folks on welfare in Kansas are about to have their easy, breezy life of luxury at tax payer expense rudely interrupted by a new bill to be signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback. The new law will limit welfare recipients to $25 a day in benefits.

I get the feeling a lot of freeloaders are going to be insanely angry over this.

From Opposing Views:

The new bill, as part of the Successful Families Program — the Kansas version of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) federal program — will also prohibit welfare recipients from using their benefits at certain types of businesses, including fortune tellers, swimming pools, cruise ships and liquor stores.

Body piercing and tattooing, spa days that include massages and manicures, purchases at jewelry stores, video arcades, lingerie shops or any sexually-oriented business, and bail bonds services are also prohibited.

”We’re trying to make sure those benefits are used the way they were intended,” state Rep. Michael O’Donnell (R) said. “This is about prosperity. This is about having a great life.”

The bill will limit the amount of benefits a Kansas family can receive to no more than 36 months of assistance in a lifetime, reports RAW STORY. The federal government allows for a 60-month limit.

No doubt bleeding heart liberals will be outraged by the legislation, but lefties always think and lead with emotion rather than fact, rational thought, and principle.

This bill isn’t designed to hurt the poor, but to make their poverty uncomfortable, which then places a healthy bit of pressure on individuals to go out, get a job, and provide for themselves and their families.

While this might seem like a cold hearted thing to do, in the long run, it’s the greatest gift we can give to those who are broke, but fully capable of working.

It provides a hand up, not a hand out, and forces people to learn personal responsibility and the joys and satisfaction that comes along with taking care of yourself.

It’s not the responsibility of tax payers to forcibly care for the poor. Every able-bodied person is responsible for taking care of themselves, and a bill like the one in Kansas is a measure put in place to protect those who work hard for a living from having their income sucked dry by welfare abusers who use their benefits for personal gain.

Our tax dollars shouldn’t be going to the poor so they can take high class vacations and get tattoos. That’s just not right, and anyone who attempts to justify such behavior lacks a true sense of right and wrong.

Let’s hope other states follow suit and help shrink the size of our welfare system before it does further damage to our economy.

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