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Lib NY Governor Shuts Down “Unsafe” Power Plant, There’s Just One HUGE Problem…

Lib NY Governor Shuts Down "Unsafe" Power Plant, There's Just One HUGE Problem...
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Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, is about as liberal as they come.

He’s not exactly the most honorable guy in the world either.

Cuomo has been involved in some pretty shady situations since taking over as governor.

Bottom line? Probably shouldn’t trust him.

Cuomo is in the news again this week for shutting down a nuclear power plant in New York.

And again, he showed why he can’t be trusted.

The reason? He doesn’t really have one.

Also, the power plant has won awards from the government for being so safe.

The great Jazz Shaw has more…

From Hot Air:

Sure enough, the New York Times had picked up on the story already and it seems to be official. Andrew Cuomo and his Albany henchmen have apparently bullied their way into shutting down the plant.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York is expected to confirm on Monday that the state has reached an agreement to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant, which sits less than 30 miles north of New York City, by April 2021, state officials said.

Mr. Cuomo will claim the long-sought shutdown as a victory in the State of the State speeches he is scheduled to deliver in the city and other locations this week, they said. He has argued for more than 15 years that it is unsafe for nuclear reactors to operate on the edge of the most-populous metropolitan area in the country.

Along with the governor’s office, the office of the state attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, and Riverkeeper, a nonprofit environmental group, participated in the deal.

It’s no surprise that Cuomo had his Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, in on the deal. He’s one of the most politically driven actors in New York politics, having far more interest in scoring SJW victories than combating actual crime. These two have been drooling over the prospect of shutting down the plant for a long time now, even though it was scheduled to remain online through at least 2031 and had already filed for extensions to continue operations beyond that point.

Back in 2015 we covered the story of how Cuomo had been putting excessive pressure on Indian Point by pushing the conversion of a coal fired plant in Dunkirk to natural gas. Supporting that early conversion was reducing electric costs out of Dunkirk and putting budget pressure on the nuclear facilities. That deal fell apart completely in the end and only resulted in subtracting more energy from the grid. Indian Point remained a target for liberals, though. Bernie Sanders even made it an issue on the campaign trail last year, calling for the plant to be shut down.

And for what? Indian Point has an above average safety record and is one of the more profitable properties owned by Entergy. In fact, the plant was recently awarded the highest possible safety rating by federal regulators, as it has for a number of years running. What exactly is Cuomo worried about in terms of safety considerations… an earthquake? The last one to hit anywhere near here didn’t manage to knock over any lawn chairs. Is he perhaps worried about a tsunami? Take a look at where Indian Point is located. If a tsunami reaches that location you’ll have much bigger fish to fry because all of New York City will have been destroyed first.

This was an ideological play.  Plain and simple.

This had nothing to do with safety.  Clearly, the plant was safe and profitable.

You know who suffers here?

The people of New York and the people who worked in this plant.

They don’t have a job now because their governor is a climate change alarmist.

When you put ideologues like Cuomo in charge people lose their jobs.

When are the people of New York going to learn?

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