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Man Uses Women’s Restroom, Snaps Pictures of 10-Year-Old Girl

Man Uses Women's Restroom, Snaps Pictures of 10-Year-Old Girl
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We told you this would happen, and we’ve seen it a bunch of times now.

We told you the LGBT agenda was bad, Lefties. But you refused to listen.

This man may just be a pervert, but “bathroom bills” make it easier for him to get away with these sort of actions…

From Breitbart:

A Pennsylvania man who was arrested for taking photos of a 10-year-old girl in a public restroom has now also been hit with child porn charges, police report.

Quarryville, PA, resident James Thomas Shoemaker, 19, was arrested last week when he was found hiding in a stall of the woman’s bathroom in the Sheetz store on Manheim Pike. Police said he was taking images of young girls on his cell phone.

The arrest comes as progressives step up their judicial and media push to force American adults and youths to share all of their public bathrooms and changing rooms with the small number of people who try to live and look like people of the opposite sex. In mid-April, for example, Target stores announced they would only allow mixed-sex changing rooms and toilets. On April 21, media outlets claimed that Donald Trump supported the progressive campaign to eliminate single-sex bathrooms.

We’ll continue to see more and more of this if states keep passing “bathroom bills” that allow mentally ill men to use the women’s facilities.

It’s only natural.

Obama took a stand yesterday and came out in support of allowing men in the women’s rooms, as it’s just another notch on his belt in an attempt to destroy the greatest nation in the world.

Crazy times.

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