My statement on the changes at Fox News…

My statement on the changes at Fox News...

On changes at FOX.

Important note: it’s been a tumultuous year at FOX. It’s no secret I don’t agree with aspects of their seemingly new agenda wherein independent conservative commentators were axed to make room for more partisan talking heads, as if the airwaves aren’t bloated enough already with lapdogs bloviating daily tired leftist talking points. However, smart people run FOX – I have great respect for many of the individuals I was privileged to work for – and their apparently experimental political shift will probably pay off handsomely, whilst opening doors for new, refreshing, competing news outlets. So it’s all good. (Also good have been the jokes about me being replaced by Meghan McCain, for I find self-deprecating humor really is the best kind!)

An elephant in the room during recent FOX discussions is the claim of an environment of sexual harassment, even abuse, in which some high-profile FOX team members were allegedly forced to work. My comments below do not pertain specifically and exclusively to the FOX sex scandals and various accusations, for none of us are privy to what actually went on behind closed doors – except the doors we personally were behind:

Many of us never understood how gals’ years-old claims of “sexual harassment” meshes with their willingness to stick around (and thrive) in the sexually-harassing corporate environment they abhorred. You’re better than that, ladies. If you’re unjustly harassed and intimated into putting up with a man’s crap, get out while the getting’s good – no sweet corporate paycheck is worth sticking around for years on end, selling your peace of mind, contradicting the advice you’d give your daughters if they faced the same “horrible” conditions. And if you have a husband telling you to put up with it and just “go along to get along” in a corporate culture perpetuating the insufferable sexual harassment – his priority being money over your well-being and integrity – that means he’s full of crap, too.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Will Replace Sean Spicer As Press Secretary

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Will Replace Sean Spicer As Press Secretary

Simply put: if harassment is found in such a high profile workplace or anywhere else, the only way to make it stop is take a stand against it right away. Don’t reward the perp by continuing to work for him, then years later whistleblow. You create more problems for more women when you refuse to put a stop to the harassment in a timely manner. It makes it appear sexual harassment couldn’t be such a bad thing if you put up with it for years, and despite many opportunities to empower other women that you could have protected, you instead continued to make money for him, perhaps even complimenting and paling around with the bad guy.

Not saying the latest FOX moves are based on accusations the public has read. I’m just making a general statement that women are capable enough to be successful without putting up with sexual harassment.

-Sarah Palin


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