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Obama Gives “Farewell Speech” In Chicago, Here’s Why Some Residents Are FURIOUS About It…

Obama Gives "Farewell Speech" In Chicago, Here's Why Some Residents Are FURIOUS About It...
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President Obama gave his final speech to the nation last night.

His “farewell address” took place in his hometown of Chicago.

That’s kind of ironic considering the fact that crime in Chicago is off the charts.

The murder rate in that city is up a whopping 63% compared to last year.

Apparently, there are some Chicagoans who aren’t exactly thrilled with President Obama’s record on stopping crime.

From The Daily Mail:

Some Chicagoans have been left pointing fingers at the president, claiming he did not do enough to address the problems plaguing the city.

The number of homicides skyrocketed from 485 in 2015, to 762 in 2016 – the largest spike in 60 years.

Charles Lipson, a political science professor at the University of Chicago, slammed Obama’s administration, saying problems in the third largest city in the country were exacerbated under his presidency.

He told the Washington Times: ‘He didn’t need to come to Chicago for the speech, and he knows that doing so calls attention not only to the city’s troubles but to his administration’s failures to solve them.’

‘Chicago’s troubles highlight the deep national divisions, social breakdown, income inequality and gun violence that Barack Obama was elected to ameliorate. 

‘His administration not only failed, most of the problems grew worse, he added.

Garry McCarthy, Chicago’s former Chicago Police Superintendent, also pointed fingers at the president.

He told Fox: ‘I can’t help but just look at criminal justice, and criminal justice in this country has not had a friend in the federal government during this administration.’

Makes sense.

Obama’s close friend and former employee Rahm Emanuel is running the city.  This is the best he can do?

You’d think Obama would be shouting from the rooftops about this crime epidemic every single day considering he is from Chicago.

But yet, he doesn’t mention it a lot.

Is it because Chicago’s strict gun laws debunk Obama’s phony gun control narrative?

Probably a factor.

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