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Poll: A Quarter Of Americans Don’t Believe In God

Poll: A Quarter Of Americans Don't Believe In God
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This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and the Founding Fathers firmly believed in something bigger than themselves.

You can make the argument that’s what makes our country as great as it is.

However, liberals would have you believe that God has no place in American society.

Unfortunately, it looks like that mentality has resonated with a lot of people.

A new poll says that a quarter of Americans don’t believe in God.

From Five Thirty Eight:

We’re not sure how significant, though. The number of atheists in the U.S. is still a matter of considerable debate. Recent surveys have found that only about one in 10 Americans report that they do not believe in God, and only about 3 percentidentify as atheist. But a new study suggests that the true number of atheists could be much larger, perhaps even 10 times larger than previously estimated.

The authors of the study, published earlier this year, adopted a novel way to measure atheist identity. Instead of asking about belief in God directly, they provided a list of seemingly innocuous statements and then asked: “How many of these statements are true of you?” Respondents in a control group were given a list of nine statements, such as “I own a dog” and “I am a vegetarian.” The test group received all the same statements plus one that read, “I do not believe in God.” The totals from the test group were then compared to those from the control group, allowing researchers to estimate the number of people who identify as atheists without requiring any of the respondents to directly state that they don’t believe in God.1 The study concludes that roughly one-quarter (26 percent) of Americans likely do not believe in God.2

Granted, these are the same pollsters who said Trump would never win. So, take it with a grain of salt.

Look, if you don’t believe in God that’s fine. You can do whatever you want.

At the same time, you are lying to yourself if you think that there is no connection between believing in God (any God) and the overall morality of society.

Believing in something bigger than yourself doesn’t hurt anyone.

All it does is make you strive to be a better person.

That’s not a condemnation of atheists it’s just a simple reality.

Hopefully, this isn’t a trend that continues.

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