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Report: DNC Hack Was An Inside Job And Not Carried Out By Russia

Report: DNC Hack Was An Inside Job And Not Carried Out By Russia
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We are still trying to figure out what happened with the DNC hack that showed the world what was really going on behind the scenes with the Democrats.

Many believe that Russia was behind it.

Although, that doesn’t really make sense considering Russia would much rather have Hillary president than Trump considering how easily they walked all over her when she was at the State Department.

Others believe that the hack was an inside job carried out by someone inside the Democrat Party.

A new report seems to confirm that…

From Weasel Zippers via Law Newz:

new report states categorically that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was not hacked by Russians–or anyone else–as frequently alleged by the mainstream media, liberal intelligentsia and anti-Trump politicians.

The Nation‘s Patrick Lawrence wrote a lengthy review of the findings made by various computer experts formerly with the NSA. Published this week, the left-wing magazine’s report notes two bases for their conclusion: (1) hard science shows that a remote hack of the DNC servers resulting in the breach that actually occurred would have been technologically impossible; (2) forensic review of the initial Guccifer 2.0 documents proves that they are poorly-disguised cut-and-paste jobs–forgeries–intended to finger Russia.

Lawrence, by way of the experts’ findings, concludes that the so-called “hack” was actually an inside job by someone with internal access to the DNC’s computer network. In other words, the DNC has (or had) a leak.[…]

Makes sense.

Seth Rich? That seems to be the theory from a lot of people on the internet.

The mainstream media sure doesn’t like talking about it though.

Even if it wasn’t him, sure sounds like it was someone inside the DNC which totally blows the media’s Russia narrative out of the water.

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