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REVEALED: Obama Had His Own ‘Back Channel’ to the Russians

REVEALED: Obama Had His Own 'Back Channel' to the Russians
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After all the attacks by the left on President Donald Trump for supposedly having “back channel” communications with the Russians, it has now been learned that Obama also had “back channel” lines opened to Moscow.

Yet, the media has been silent about Obama’s “back channel” talks with the Russians.

The media has been desperate to characterize these purported lines of communication as a “dangerous” thing when reporting on the Trump administration. But now the Daily Caller reports that Obama had back channel lines of communication that the media didn’t seem to care about.

The White House contacted the Kremlin on what Bloomberg described as a “modern-day red phone” after Russian operatives tried to infiltrate software and databases used by state election officials.

Bloomberg went on:

The scope and sophistication so concerned Obama administration officials that they took an unprecedented step — complaining directly to Moscow over a modern-day “red phone.” In October, two of the people said, the White House contacted the Kremlin on the back channel to offer detailed documents of what it said was Russia’s role in election meddling and to warn that the attacks risked setting off a broader conflict.

Daily Caller adds:

The “red phone” wasn’t literally a phone, but a secure messaging channel for ” urgent messages and documents,” according to Bloomberg. NBC News first reported on the red phone in December, noting the red phone has existed in various forms for the last 50 years or so.

It was this line of communication that Obama relied on to claim that he had stopped the Russians from trying to hack the U.S. election.

You’ll recall that Obama insisted last year he told the Ruskies to “cut it out,” then insisted that his warning worked to stop the Russians from trying to mess with the US.

But only a week ago we discovered that this big warning wasn’t as scary to the Russians as Obama claimed.

Obama puffed up his slight chest and told the American public that he was the tough sheriff shutting down those lowly Russian hackers. But then a document leaked to a British newspaper showed that the Russians kept trying to hack the election, anyway.

It doesn’t seem that the Russians were able to hack the election despite all their attempts, but for sure Obama’s tough talk was just laughed off in Moscow.

So, not only was Obama powerless to stop the Russians from doing anything, he also had his own back channel communications with them.

How can liberals be so upset that Trump may have tried to establish communications with Russia, when their messiah, Obama, had done the same thing?

The hypocrisy is strong.

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