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“Russia Compromised Trump” Narrative Just DESTROYED By Unlikeliest Source…

"Russia Compromised Trump" Narrative Just DESTROYED By Unlikeliest Source...
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Buzzfeed dropped a story last night, claiming to have a dossier full of information showing connections between President-elect Donald Trump and that he had been compromised because of it.

However, media, even liberal media, immediately cried foul.

Even the NY Times called this out, saying they never would have published it, since it was all unverified.

Now there’s more that not only shows the Buzzfeed story to be false, but actually seems to put a nail in the question of a connection between Trump and Russia.

From Daily Caller:

NBC News correspondent Cynthia McFadden reported Wednesday that President-elect Trump was never briefed on a “two-page addendum” alleging that the Russian government has damaging information on Trump.

In fact, McFadden further stated that the brief — published by BuzzFeed on Tuesday — was in fact an example of “what [U.S. intelligence officials] are calling ‘unvetted disinformation,’” designed to help Trump distinguish between “analyzed intelligence” and unverified reports.

According to McFadden’s source, Trump was never presented with the documents, contrary to prior reports by the Washington Post and CNN.

McFadden’s report contained another incredibly significant point.

McFadden closed by adding that her U.S. intelligence source maintains that, “intel law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government, period.”

So the intel community found this new Buzzfeed information not worthy of belief.

Moreover, after all this hullabaloo about Trump’s supposed connections to Russia, there is no there there, if this report is correct.

NBC, of all media, is putting a nail in that story.

Who’d have thought?

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