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Super Rich Socialist Bernie Sanders Still Hasn’t Filed Senate Ethics Financial Disclosures

Super Rich Socialist Bernie Sanders Still Hasn't Filed Senate Ethics Financial Disclosures
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Despite running as the alternative to the money grubbing, Washington insiders that he claims infest our government, self-professed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has once again missed the deadline to file his Senate ethics financial statements.

The deadline for Senators to file their 2016 financial statements was May 15, but the man who ran on the idea that the U.S. government should have more transparency missed the filing date. And it wasn’t the first time he has missed such a deadline.

The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics requires each senator to file papers detailing their finances including any gifts, loans, free trips, and other freebies from private sources.

But as the deadline came and went, no filing from Sanders was seen. Eventually Sanders requested a 20-day extension to file the disclosure, according to The Hill newspaper. His new deadline is June 4.

Senate rules give members up to a 90-day extension.

Because he was running for president during the bulk of 2016, Sanders had to file two separate disclosures. He was required to file a disclosure for both the Senate Ethics Committee and the FEC-required annual disclosures for active candidates.

Naturally, Sanders missed the FEC deadline, too, and didn’t get his filling to the government until after he’d already lost the Democrat primary contests to Hillary Clinton.

As Daily Caller noted, Sanders exploited the system to delay his filings.

“Sanders expertly exploited a system that effectively allowed him to delay, delay, delay,” The Center of Public Integrity concluded in a blistering August 2016 investigation. At the very same time, Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton for taking “six-figure paydays” to make “closed-door speeches to officials at investment bank Goldman Sachs and other powerful special interests.”

It should also be noted that despite the Democrats’ braying that Donald Trump should release his tax returns, Sanders himself avoided releasing all of his own filings.

During the recent campaign for president, Sanders only released part of his 2014 tax returns.

For a candidate who touts socialism, Sanders’ 2015 filing showed he had a credit card with a $50,000 spending limit and two mortgages worth over well one million dollars.

His real estate holdings are quite rich for a “socialist.”

In 2016, Sanders and his wife purchased a $600,000 lakefront home — a spacious, four-bedroom home with 500 feet of beachfront on Lake Champlain. Along with their family home in Burlington, Vermont and a row house on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Bernie and Jane Sanders now own three tasteful real estate properties.

Speaking of financial deals involving the Sanders, Bernie’s wife is still under suspicion of wrongdoing during her time as president of Vermont’s Burlington College.

According to The Hill, the FBI is now investigating Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, over suspicions that she falsified loan documents when she was at the college.

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