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TROUBLING New Details Just Emerged About Fort Lauderdale Shooter…

TROUBLING New Details Just Emerged About Fort Lauderdale Shooter...
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Last week, the country was rocked by the news that five people had been shot dead at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

The victims were standing in the baggage claim area minding their own business when their lives were tragically taken.

The shooter was identified as Esteban Santiago.  A 26-year-old former National Guard member from New Jersey.

We are now learning some troubling details about the shooter.

It looks like radical Islam is likely a factor.

Apparently, the shooter had converted to Islam and went by the name Aashiq Hammad.

From Judicial Watch:

The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter is a Muslim convert who years before joining the U.S. Army took on an Islamic name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic religious music online, according to public records dug up by the investigative news site of an award-winning, California journalist. This is pertinent information that the Obama administration apparently wants to keep quiet, bringing up memories of the Benghazi cover up, in which the president and his cohorts knowingly lied to conceal that Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. Special Mission in Libya.

Information is slowly trickling out that links the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter to radical Islam while the official story from authorities is that the gunman is a mentally ill, Hispanic Army veteran named Esteban Santiago that became unhinged after a tour in Iraq. Only one mainstream media outlet mentions the possibility of Santiago’s “jihadist identity,” burying it in a piece about New York possibly being his initial target. A paragraph deep in the story mentions that investigators recovered Santiago’s computer from a pawn shop and the FBI is examining it to determine whether he created a “jihadist identity for himself using the name Aashiq Hammad…” The reset of the traditional mainstream media coverage promotes the government rhetoric that omits any ties to terrorism even though early on a photo surfaced of Santiago making an ISIS salute while wearing a keffiyeh, a Palestinian Arab scarf.

The details are still being investigated but this takes things to another level if true.

This doesn’t look like some random disgruntled former soldier.

This looks like yet another example of the Obama Administration failing to keep Americans safe from terrorism.

We already knew that the shooter went into an FBI field office and essentially warned them he was unstable and that voices in his head told him to join ISIS.

The FBI not only ignored it but it doesn’t look like he was put on a no-fly list.


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