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Students Don’t Want Chick-fil-A On Duquesne University Campus Because It Violates Their Safe Space

Students Don't Want Chick-fil-A On Duquesne University Campus Because It Violates Their Safe Space
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This is a story that will fuel the debate over whether Progressive college students crow for campus safe places to pluck at opposing viewpoints, or whether these students are just chicken.

Student activists in Pittsburgh have gotten their feathers ruffled over their school’s plan to bring a Chick-fil-A franchise to campus, citing concerns for the safety of their fellow students.

According to CampusReform.org:

Student senators at Duquesne University are lobbying for the cancellation of plans to bring Chick-fil-A to campus in the fall, saying they “fear” for the safety of their peers.

Duquesne University Student Senator Niko Martini has reignited concerns over the company’s past by proposing a resolution at the Student Government Association’s (SGA) March 26 meeting to nix the restaurant from a list of proposed overhauls to the school’s dining options.

“Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” Martini remarked in a statement to The Duquesne Duke. “I think it’s imperative [that] the university chooses to do business with organizations that coincide with the [university’s] mission and expectations they give students regarding diversity and inclusion.”

What gives Chick-fil-A a “questionable history on civil rights and human rights” seems entirely based upon the Christian beliefs of the company’s ownership rather than evidence – or the lack thereof – that the restaurant has done anything to endanger anyone’s civil or human rights.

As the WashingtonTimes.com points out:

Chick-fil-A has been a bane of the left since CEO Dan Cathy said the company supports “the biblical definition of the family unit.”

Cathy’s remark sparked Chick-fil-A protests across the nation, which were highlighted by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel claim that the restaurant has no place in his city and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio urging citizens to boycott them.

Cathy has since said he regrets “making the company a symbol in the marriage debate” and the company has largely ceased funding organizations that oppose gay marriage.

Nonetheless, these measures do not go far enough to assuage the concerns of people who find the company’s continuing displays of Christian beliefs provocative.

As the WashingtonTimes.com quotes a Duquesne student as saying

“It’s almost inevitable that a place that closes its doors on a Sunday will also not support some of the things that I support.”

The attempt to block Chick-fil-A from coming to Duquesne has thus far laid an egg.

The resolution to prevent Chick-fil-A from opening has failed, although the Student Government Association [SGA] is considering a resolution to subject the fast food joint to their vetting process.

The SGA has so far not said what that “vetting process” will entail.

Doubtlessly many will find efforts to boycott a business because of their expression of religious or political beliefs un-American, and a hallmark of the Left.

After all, as some will point out, there are no such campus protests against openings of Starbucks, a company that donates heavily to Planned Parenthood.

However, the greatest obstacle Chick-fil-A protestors will continue to face is that Chick-fil-A is just really popular.

A survey by CNBC has just ranked Chick-fil-A as the most popular restaurant among teenagers, for example.

People may or may not care about how a Chick-fil-A executive feels about same-sex marriage but largely, they really do like a good chicken sandwich.

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